Be Kind Rewind

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The movie has additional scenes that run during the credits. It also shows a link to the website for the movie. They have sweded the internet and more movies at their website. Check it out at [1].

The film stars:

Jack Black - Jerry
Mos Def - Mike
Danny Glover - Elroy Fletcher
Mia Farrow - Miss Falewics
Melonie Diaz - Alma
Irv Gooch - Wilson
Chandler Parker - Craig
Arjay Smith - Manny
Quinton Aaron - Q
Gio Perez - Randy
Basia Rosas - Andrea
Tomasz Soltys - Carl
Marcus Carl Franklin - Kid #1
Blake Hightower - Kid #2
Amir Ali Said - Kid #3
David Slotkoff - Jack
Frank Heins - Patrick
Heather Lawless - Sherry