Kung-Fu Panda

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During the credits, a series of hand-drawn, still 2D images are shown. These include:

  • Monkey finds that his almond biscuits have disappeared (after Po took them from the top shelf).
  • Master Shifu plays a board game (perhaps Mahjong or Xiangqi) with Mr Ping, Po's father. Mr Ping appears to be winning.
  • Po shows the Dragon Scroll to a group of young rabbits.
  • A goose glues back together the urn that Po had previously smashed.
  • Tigress is seen imitating Master Shifu, using the same noodle moustache that Po had used earlier, and Shifu laughs.
  • Po adds a sixth action figure (of himself) to his collection.

Following the credits, there is an extra scene featuring Po and Master Shifu eating dumplings under the sacred peach tree. When Po has no dumplings left, Shifu passes some of his own into the panda's bowl. It is also revealed that the peach pit that Shifu and Oogway planted earlier has sprouted.